Reaction Paper on a current integrated behavioral health policy topic

Reaction Paper on a current integrated behavioral health policy topic 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

This paper will be based upon a journal or popular periodical article on a current integrated behavioral health policy topic.  These can be the topics on our syllabus or outside of the syllabus.  You are encouraged to select a topic you feel passionate about.  The only scope requirement is that your article/paper addresses a current pressing challenge in integrated behavioral health policy.  You are welcome but not required to run article ideas by me prior to writing your paper.


The paper is to be structured as follows:

  • Summary of the problem
    • Summarize the policy challenges
    • Summarize the clinical/social work specific challenges
  • Summarize your reaction
    • What do you feel is the etiology of the challenge?
    • How much of a priority should this be for stakeholders (policymakers, advocates, leaders of industry, etc.) to address?
    • What recommendations would you make to the key stakeholders to address this challenge?

The document should be typed, double-spaced (APA style), and a minimum of three pages.

There are not necessarily right or wrong answers.  Many of our most pressing social policy challenges are extremely complex and have a wide range of very diverse opinions regarding causes and potential solutions.

The measured objective of the exercise is for you to provide evidence that you can clearly demonstrate and understanding of the problem as well as form a recommendation with a clearly and concisely rational for your recommendation(s).

Please site your articles and any other references in APA format.

You will present one of your reaction papers as if you are teaching the class. A 5 to 10-minute class presentation of your paper will be required.  You will prepare and submit PPT slides as part of this assignment.  Your slides will be structured in the same fashion that your reaction paper is structured (See Assignment 1 above). You should encourage students to ask questions and facilitate a brief class discussion.  There will be a sign-up list on Blackboard for you to pick which date you will present