Reflection Paper Module 4: Crisis Management and Responding and Referral Skills

Reflection Paper Module 4: Crisis Management and Responding and Referral Skills 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Reflection Paper Module 4: Crisis Management and Responding and Referral Skills

Due Sept. 30 at 11:30pm  

Answer as completely as possible.

Reflection Activity

  1. Choose one of the following policies and/or procedures related to critical incidents, crises, or disasters for the campus.

Tobacco Control –


Alcohol and Drugs –


Active Shooter –


Sexual Assault  –


After looking over the information provided for your choice of events – answer the following questions related to the Cycle of Crisis Management:

  1. Prevention/Mitigation: Discuss what policies or procedures are in place to prevent or mitigate a critical incident, or crises? For your event – what would it most likely be a critical incident, crisis or disaster?
  2. Planning: How can you plan to enforce the policy or use procedures better? What is done now to plan to prevent the event? What would help improve enforcement or procedures now in place?
  3. Response: Think of a likely response that would be needed related to your event? What would it be? What are individuals suppose to do?
  4. Recovery: In the aftermath of an event, what kind of recovery activities would be needed? How would individuals need to be assisted – both the individuals affected and the responders or helpers?
  5. Learning: Think about what could possibly be learned from dealing with this event or crises? And how could that inform prevention and mitigation?



  1. See the Response Checklist handout on D2L and handed out in class to take notes and help you use the Response Checklist.
    1. During the week, get with a class partner [can use class encounter if needed], or someone who can practice with you as a peer. After the encounter answer the following:
    2. How did you determine whether your peer was ready for the Response Checklist – what questions did you ask, what responses did you hear?
    3. Describe how it went going through the checklist.
      1. What questions did you ask, and what responses helped you explore or determine what step you were in and whether the discussion resolved or helped: 1) clarify motivations, 2) whether the desired goal was realistic, 3) develop a plan, 4) commit to taking action and 5) produce a first step and reward?
    4. What seems most important related to helping someone develop a plan?
      1. How did brainstorming go? Did they come up with their own plan ideas? How much help did you give?
    5. How would you know whether to make a referral or not?
    6. Provide general impressions about using the checklist, and how you might use it as a peer educator?


  1. Resource Referral Information   

Pick two of the 4 wellness topics that we have covered so far this semester. Develop a resource sheet to help record referral information for the topics. Include at least 2 resource referrals for each topic. Create a table or organized way to keep this info saved. Make sure to include the 1) name of organization, 2) website if possible, 3) possible person to contact, email and phone, as well as 4) information on location, availability hours, and 5) any other information that would be helpful to you as a peer educator. You can include contact information from speakers in class, the Wellness Brochure, or ETSU and community websites.