registered nurses role in dementia care

registered nurses role in dementia care 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Discuss the RN’s role in enacting coordination, supervision and delegation of quality and safe functional care provided by non‐registered nursing staff(ENs and PCAs) in order to optimise the functional outcomes of an older resident diagnosed with dementia

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Nursing plays a critical role in determining the value of care in health facilities and the nature of patient outcomes (Duffield et. Al., 2011). In most countries, hospitals are core in the health care system, and the nurses are the driving force to the provision of hospital care. For the nursing personnel, the hospitals have always been their workplace and especially for registered nurses (RNs). Health care homes also play an important part in the health sector of the economy, by providing care to various people with multifaceted health care needs. Regardless of this important role, the nursing staff employed in these homes are mostly non-registered and little is known about them. Usually, they have no career pathways and no training is offered or required for them to work in these important homes. To ensure future preparation and development of the non-registered in the health sector, the registered nurses (RNs) play a vital role in enacting coordination, supervision, and delegation of quality and safe functional care to older residents.

The care home sector is a progressing and key source of long-term care for elderly. They are an essential part of the local health sector as they now make available more bed spaces than hospitals, especially for the older people, with complex health care needs such as dementia. The nursing staff in care homes are usually trained to work in the community or hospitals and not the care homes setting. This has severally raised concerns regarding the value of care they provide to residents in care homes. To ensure staff competence, care homes have been urged to employ staff with the right knowledge and attitude and who appreciate the challenges of working in these homes. However, for the registered nurses these homes are not the preferred places of work.