Report 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

For your report, you will need to open the Sample Report provided in the Writing Assignments folder and use it for a guideline for your formatting.

For your report, you may choose your own business article.  You can go to Google News/Business which has many articles to choose from.  Hold down the control key and click the link below.

There are tabs across the top for Latest news, economy or you may find something you would enjoy writing about under the Entrepreneurship tab.

One student last semester wrote about bit coins and how they work and the predicted future of the coins.

If you need help finding an article, please let me know and I will be glad to assist.



Answer Preview

Work-life Balance

Maintaining work-life balance is essential for personal health and the overall work performance. For us to achieve the balance, we must spend as much time for personal care as we spent at the workplace. However, today’s scope of work and the technological development is making it difficult to maintain work-life balance. This paper examines if work-life balance is possible or just another myth in the corporate world.

Hindrances to Work-Life Balance

While taking time for personal care is important, work conditions do not always allow us to get this time. Everyone’s job is different, and so is the possibility of work-life balance (Nam and Taewoo, 2014). Your position at the workplace, the nature of the work, and your hobbies determine how possible it is to achieve work-life balance. For instance, a normal work situation may involve long daily commutes, overbearing bosses, incompetent coworkers, or even inflexible time-off scheduling. At the end, we find ourselves exhausted, nervous, or even anxious which could lead to depression.

Implications of Technology

Modern technology is also redefining the way we do our work. The ability to work from anywhere and at any time makes it impossible to maintain a healthy work-life balance. With the emergence of the Internet and Smartphones, we no longer have to follow the daily 9-5 routine of yesteryears to get our work done. We can now answer urgent work emails from the comfort of our homes and even supervise large groups of employees without anything going wrong (Nam and Taewoo, 2014). As a result, the average workweek is now transitioning slowly from 40 hours to 50 hours with the trend expected to continue.