Report to a Decision Maker on a problem and solution in an organization or community

Report to a Decision Maker on a problem and solution in an organization or community 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


The report includes the following:
Executive Summary
Letter to the Decision Maker
Table of Contents
Body of the Report to include headings and subheadings
Conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution
References page with references listed in APA format (cite at least seven sources, three of which must be peer reviewed).
I started with an implementation of the sit/stand desk solution in the workplace for this, but you can really go wherever as long as it is speaking in a business solution context.

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The organizations need to design, define and implement a safety program towards maintaining a safe workplace. The program’s objective is to integrate health and safety into all work conditions and practices.  It is important to educate employees on the safe use of electrical equipment, protective gear, wiping wet floors and caution while climbing up the ladders. A safe workplace is essential to all stakeholders including employees, employers, managers, supervisor, Health and Safety representatives. Organizations that incorporate workplace practices realize saving in financial and human costs. This report includes causes and recommendations on preventive measures PPP Construction Company can adopt to prevent further death and injury-causing accidents on their construction sites.

The problem

The PPP Company is one of the prominent building and construction companies in the USA. The Company management prides itself to have built great structures in the country and other regions of the world. The company has its successful and pitfalls tools. The company, as well as other companies in the construction industry, records a high number of non-fatal injuries and fatalities in their construction projects. The safety program established is ineffective due to poor management, poor understanding of liabilities and obligation on the part of managers. The company needs to comply with the safety regulations associated with construction trades, mines, maritime and general industry requirements.

Conclusion and recommendation

The organization needs to have a deliberate approach to optimize effectiveness. Subsequently, the organization will reap the full reward of safety and health program. Firstly, the management needs to commit a considerable effort towards building a safe workplace and wellness.  Safety should be the key priority of every executive.  A mission statement from the company will indicate the importance of workplace safety and ability to investigating safety issues arising. The management needs to encourage employees to follow safety procedures at all times.