Research paper: Depression evidence for efficacy of treatments, including side effects.

Research paper: Depression evidence for efficacy of treatments, including side effects. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Depression Disease process and pathophysiology, Aetiology, and Epidemiology, allopathic treatment. An overview of the disease pathology and epidemiology including; Aetiology, pathogenesis, pathophysiology and treatment of the disease from a western mainstream medical perspective. You will be expected to show high level of mechanistic detail in your exploration of pathophysiology and evaluate the evidence for efficacy of treatments, including side effects.

Naturopathic and functional medicine explanation 20 marks – 800 words

  • Clear discussion of the possible functional drivers, causes and risk factors of the disease process
  • Critical appraisal of evidence for appropriate functional and conventional laboratory tests

An overview depression process from a naturopathic and functional medicine perspective, including the possible drivers, causative agents and risk factors and integrated pathophysiological processes.Include any conventional as well as functional laboratory tests that may be used to help discern different drivers that could affect the depression process. It is vital that you explain the rationale for these tests and critically evaluate the evidence base for these to weigh up the strengths and limitations of using these tests in clinical practice.

Therapeutics 25 marks – 1000 words

  • Critical evaluation and discussion of current research in relation to the use of nutritional and complementary therapies in support of the depression process

Evaluation of the current research of nutritional therapy and complementary therapies applicable to this condition. This is the most important part of the assignment and your word count should reflect this. You will investigate a broad range of dietary, supplement, herbal or natural therapeutic approaches including lifestyle that you could consider with a client, accounting for drug-herb-nutrient interactions that may be relevant to clients with these health issues. You will show evidence of wide reading, exclusively from primary research. You will weigh up conflicting research and critically analyse and evaluate the weight of evidence.

Application to Practice 15 marks – 600 words

  • Application of research to justify a relevant therapeutic protocol for this condition

Outline protocol for support of clients with this condition; including guidelines to reduce risk factors of the disease regarding lifestyle medicine. After you have critically evaluated the evidence available for different clinical interventions, you will justify academically and clinically, a naturopathic protocol. It is vital that this reflects the research you have discussed and that where there is conflicting research as discussed, you have justified the choice to include or exclude certain nutrients, foods etc.


  • Presentation and Referencing: 10 marks
  • Use of Literature: 15 marks