Research paper proposal

Research paper proposal 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Research Paper Proposal/1551/First Step in Research Paper

(Rough Draft of this should be brought to your conference)

Conferences: October 1,2,3,4,5

What is a paper proposal? In a research paper proposal, you discuss/outline your overall topic ideas, your research question (claim), your research process, your sources, and next steps for completing your project. Many disciplines require written proposals before a presentation of a paper can be made, before an experiment can be run. Research proposals vary depending on the scope of the project. Many literary proposals are one page explanations. Your proposal will be done in memo form.  You should include the headings and put them in bold type as shown below. An example follows:




To: Instructor’s name


From:  Student’s name


Subject of my paper: (the broad topic)


Why I chose this particular topic. Make sure you are interested in your topic. You are much more likely to write a better paper. paragraph


What I already know about the topic. A paragraph on how much you are familiar with the issue.


My thesis: (in its current form) Remember, it cannot be a question. (What are you trying to prove?)


Approach to the subject of the paper: Think about a logical way to present your argument material that will best address your issue. Do you need to define any terms? Which ones? Will you need to clarify concepts? Will anecdotal evidence (high profile stories about your topic that have made the news) help your reader understand your paper? Will you need to categorize some information? Will you be acknowledging opposing viewpoints? (required) Indicate if you plan to use any or all of these approaches in your paper. At least one or two paragraphs.


Intended audience: Discuss what people or group of people might benefit from reading your paper. How might it be relevant or helpful for someone to have this information. Generally assume that the reader has your level of education but is by no means an expert on your topic. Make sure that you explain concepts clearly. paragraph


Graphs or charts: Graphs and charts should not be used unless they truly help the reader understand some aspect of your paper. Make sure that charts and/or graphs are from reliable sources. Charts and graphs need to back up your textual analysis. Don’t use them because they look impressive. Make sure you refer to them within your textual analysis. Give credit (cite) to the source of the graph/chart. Pages with graphs or charts do not count toward the total page length of your paper.


Documentation Style: APA  (is required for 1551. Guidelines are in The Easy Writer, online at Purdue Owl, in your textbook or you can get help from the Writing Center.)


Kinds of sources I intend to use and why they will benefit my paper:

Here briefly talk about what you have found so far and how the sources will help your argument. (Do you have a balanced variety of sources so far?) What strengths will they give your paper? How will they help to clarify the points you want to make?

Reference page: Works Cited

A separate page with references should follow your memo. * See info below.




Further Information to assist with your paper:

*Guidelines for sources (Do not include this paragraph in memo. This is for your information)

You should use a combination of sources: 8 minimum in final paper but you should search at least 15 different sources. At least two sources should be from a professional journal (use Electronic Journal Center). You may use reliable websites: example-The National Institute of Health. You may use credible newspapers. You should have at least one book gotten from Maag Library or Ohiolink. You may use ebooks as well. You may use interviews and/or documentaries. Do not use: Wikipedia, and general magazines such as Reader’s Digest or People magazine. Scientific magazines with researched peer reviewed articles are acceptable. Use sources that are appropriate for college level research. *For this proposal you should have at least 6 sources. At least a paragraph about them.





*Tentative List of References: List the sources you have consulted thus far on a separate piece of paper. Label it References and center the word. There is no need to bold it in APA. Include all sources you have looked at so far (even if they do not appear in your final paper) Chances are you will consult some sources and decide that they will not be helpful in writing your paper. List them in alphabetical order in correct APA format (just as you would do a works cited/reference page.) When you turn in your final paper, make sure your works cited list contains only sources that are used in your paper.   


Make sure you are able to do APA citations on your own. Autobib sites are not always reliable. There are often errors.


Final draft of the proposal   DUE DATE:  Monday, October 1