Research Question: What is the effectiveness of exercise-based interventions in reducing falls in older adults living in residential care facilities?

Research Question: What is the effectiveness of exercise-based interventions in reducing falls in older adults living in residential care facilities? 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

This research question is relevant for evidence-based clinical practice and professional knowledge.  If exercise-based intervention programs have positive effects on reducing falls among older people, then this approach could change the way older adults are cared for in residential care facilities. This research question could generate evidence to inform person-centred care planning regarding effective exercise-based interventions for falls prevention and targeted education for older adults living in residential care facilities (NMBA 2016). Findings could inform strategies that target audiences such as managers, nurses and families could implement to improve holistic care for older adults living in residential care facilities. Nurse educators could also use the evidence to teach effective strategies in the undergraduate nursing curriculum. The research question is therefore highly relevant to clinical practice and has wider implications for the provision of quality care and encouraging older adults to adopt effective self-care practices. 

Assessment 2 is worth 55% of the final grade and the equivalent of 2,000 words. The word ‘equivalent’ means that the work and effort required to complete this assignment is taken into account. The total word count in the 3 slides will be less than 2,500 actual words.

Students are required to develop a slide (Part A) that could be presented as a poster to disseminate the findings of their research project. In the Part B slide, students will discuss what they have learned in the Nursing Project course and how they think this knowledge could influence their practice as a new Registered Nurse.

Objectives being assessed: CO 4, CO 5.

CO4. Identify implications of the research findings and make recommendations for nursing practice

CO5. Design a structured research poster suitable for presentation

Part A: 

 Download the Assignment 2 Poster Template located in the Assessments folder.

–  The template has been used successfully by other students and works well. It will print onto A4 size paper.
–  Do not re-design the template, this means do not delete boxes or change the size of the boxes.

–  Please do not delete section breaks.

–  Do not add any additional slides.

–  Download the Assessment Feedback Form/Marking Rubric so you understand what is expected.

–  Upload your Assignment 2 into Gradebook. Do not attach a cover sheet.

–  Your tutor will mark your Assignment 2.

–  Your tutor will return the Assessment 2 Feedback Form/Marking Rubric with their comments and mark to you.

Part B:

–  Arial 40. Use 1.5 spacing, write in 3rd person, use paragraphs, and use references from the course, as relevant.
–  Use correct use Harvard author-date system for in-text referencing and the Reference List. 


Part A slide: 

Work into each section on the slide, then delete the instructions. Do not delete the headings. ‘Save’ as you type.
Include the following information in the specified area: project title, student name and ID.

Background/Relevance/Research question- Briefly summarise the clinical issue (referenced), relevance of the research question, and present the research question. Paraphrase information from the ‘Introduction’ section of the Assignment 1 template. Be sure to paraphrase to avoid problems with plagiarism (do not copy and paste). Present in sentences and 1-2 paragraphs.

References – List the full reference for each of your four (4) primary research articles in correct UniSA Harvard format.

Five Key Messages – Synthesised from important findings of some or all of your 4 primary research articles ONLY. Reference your four (4) primary research articles as required. Use numbers in this section. Do not cite other references.

Implement and disseminate results for relevant target audiences – Of the synthesized findings from your 4 primary research articles that you identified and discussed in Assignment 1. Identify relevant target audiences who would benefit from learning about your findings i.e., nurses clinical practice, undergraduate nursing students, patients, relatives, managers, nurses working in policy areas.  Use each ‘target audience’ as heading and then write specific information under each heading that is relevant to that group. Can use bullets to present work.

You must therefore cite information (findings) from all your primary research articles in this section, and can use other additional references, as relevant.

Gaps – What is still not known or understood about the issue? What gaps in the evidence still exist after your review of the 4 primary studies? What still needs to be known to address the research problem? 

Recommendations – For research that could be conducted to address gaps, unanswered questions. Have a look at your primary research articles for ideas – what did the authors include in the recommendation section of their article?

Use 3-4 images if relevant. No more than 20% of the size in the text box.

 Part B slide: (500 words approx)

–  Write 500 words about what you have learned in the topics in Nursing Project.

–  How you think this knowledge will influence your clinical practice as a new Registered Nurse.

–  Write in 3rd person and use paragraphs.

–  Reference your writing using references from the course (see below, big list of references). You are not expected to locate new references.

–  This reflection is not about what you have learned in previous courses or your research project as presented in Slide A.

Final Slide: Reference List

 –  Reference List

–  Do not include the citations for your four primary research articles.