Researching a risk assessment and disaster recovery scenario

Researching a risk assessment and disaster recovery scenario 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


CCE 3070 Network Management: Design & Support

Coursework: Group Presentation

This project assignment mimics the workplace environment, where tasks are assigned to a group by the management. THE SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION OF SUCH TASKS REQUIRES THE ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF AND CONTRIBUTION BY EVERY MEMBER OF THE GROUP

(Hence reward will be given accordingly)

Researching a risk assessment and disaster recovery scenario

A crucial element in developing a secure network is to undertake a risk assessment task. A risk assessment assigns levels of risk to different possible threats to the network security by comparing the nature of the threats to the types of controls designed to reduce such threats and provide adequate protection to the network and workstations. This is achieved by constructing a control plan and then rating the importance of each risk.

A critical element in any risk assessment undertaking is how to recover from any security breach or incident whether natural or otherwise? This is referred to as a disaster recovery plan, which is intended to tackle the ways and means of responding to a possible disaster once it happens.

The group project assignment (20%)

Using the background above, produce a 10 minutes group presentation and a report on developing a possible risk assessment and disaster recovery plan for a corporate network of your choice.

Assignment Tasks

  1. For this assignment, the group should develop a particular network scenario (i.e. situation/set-up) pointing out its architecture (i.e. its structural design and layout).
  2. Network assets (i.e. resources that have monitory value, such as hardware and software) prioritised according to their importance in maintaining critical operation of the network in case of a disaster: you need to include a general diagram showing the network layout showing the location of the devices and how they are connected to the network.
  3. Possible threats to the assets prioritised according to their probability of occurrence (i.e. any potential adverse incidence that can do harm and interrupt the systems using the network).
  4. All controls that are currently used on the network to lessen or prevent risks (i.e. control mechanisms against threats, such as fire, flood power loss, viruses etc.).
  5. A disaster recovery plan (i.e. the actions and procedures that provide for a partial or complete recovery of the network assets) for a particular assumed disaster of your choice, such as malicious attack, flood, fire, etc.

Participation Rules


Ø Each group must have a group leader, and a secretary.

Ø Since the project is a group effort, each group leader needs to discuss and agree with the group on the tasks that each member should undertake prior to starting the project. A list of the names, ID numbers and tasks assigned should then be submitted to the seminar tutor. This list will facilitate for verifying the contribution of each member by the group leader and the seminar tutor.

Ø Each member of the group must fill out a participation sheet for their group.

Ø The report should be structured according to the structure template provided.

Ø The report should have the cover page provided, with the names and ID numbers of the group leader and group members.

Ø The report should be submitted by the group leader on behalf of the group. Additionally, the group leader should provide at the end of the report a brief cover sheet indicating the nature and scale of active contribution of each member in researching, preparation of presentation and writing the report.


Each active member of the group gets the same mark; non participation in the assigned group project will result in no marks given for that particular individual(s) and hence failing the project.

Group leaders will get a 5% mark increase/decrease depending on the successful completion of the project.


Prepare a group presentation using electronic means (e.g. PowerPoint). You will be given 10 minutes to present with 5 minutes of questions. All presentations must start promptly. All group members must take part in the presentation. Marks will be given according to the following points: preparation, contents, knowledge, communication skills, organisation and answers to questions.


Your report must be on the same topic that you did for your presentation. The report must be between 4000/5000 words in length. Please note that a detailed report is expected; short reports will not be given high marks. You CANNOT submit the PowerPoint Slides of your presentation as part of the report. The report must be in your own words and other materials MUST be properly referenced. Your report MUST contain the following:

Project Structure

  2. The abstract should be a brief outline of the contents of the report and its main findings
  3. This is the part most read of all the report and great care should be taken when writing it



  2. Comment on the subject of the project. (What do you understand by it? How is it important? etc.)
  3. Introduce the points you are going to discuss, first stating your case in general terms: the opinion you are going to support in the rest of the project

III. Very briefly summarize the overall theme of your project, indicating the main points to be made and perhaps the order in which they are to be presented. This gives readers an idea of what to expect and greatly increases their comprehension. Do not waste your own and the reader’s time with padding.

  2. Develop your line of argument through several main ideas
  3. Support each idea with examples and illustrations drawn from the books, articles and any other sources you have used

III. As you develop your project, make it clear how your arguments in one place relate to others you have already used or will use

  1. The main body can consist of several sections
  3. Summaries the main ideas


Form a tentative answer by way of final comment to the question. Be prepared to write more than one draft – in the first you will concentrate on content rather than style

The report structure should be according to the template guidelines provided above. It is essential to remember that the project assignment is not about writing a general and nonspecific overview of risk assessment and disaster recovery plan! However, it is important to include in the introduction part a short concise overview of risk assessment and disaster recovery plan as an integral part of the development of a secure network.

Please remember that the bibliography is not about just a list of references. It is of no use unless there is evidence that it was utilized during the preparation of the project! The text should reflect all the publications quoted from, referred to and consulted in the course of researching, developing and writing the report.

CCE3070 – GROUP MEMBER REPORT SHEET ON MEMBERS’ PARTICIPATION Name and ID No. of group member Tasks assigned in researching for the project material Tasks assigned in preparing/writing the project presentation/report Comments on overall participation (e.g. proportional contribution)
Name & ID No. of group leader: Date: