Respond to feedback to deliver a clear and complex argument supported by a rhetorical analysis

Respond to feedback to deliver a clear and complex argument supported by a rhetorical analysis 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

The goal of the final essay is to respond to feedback to deliver a clear and complex argument supported by a rhetorical analysis. The essay should be arranged using a strategy discussed in the course, should display advanced critical thinking, and be written in an inclusive style that engages an academic reader with general knowledge about your topic and a special interest in the study of rhetoric. In a sense, all essays answer the same question: how has rhetoric been used in arguments about the topic you have chosen? Standard responses will define rhetorical concepts and describe how arguments on the topic display such rhetorical features. Advanced responses will form an overall evaluation of the use of rhetoric, for example, by defining ethical communication (or inclusive communication, or unethical rhetoric, or manipulative speech, etc) and describing how the features of rhetoric in the arguments you’ve analysed represent such communication.

The analysis has to go off of the topic attached in this outline.
A thorough rhetorical analysis needs to be composed and how it is effective

Overall: communicate competently and confidently across a range of modalities; and construct written arguments appropriate for multicultural audiences
Interdisciplinary effectiveness and Cultural competence – making a topic relevant to the field of rhetoric and writing studies; using inclusive language and explaining terminology to make the argument and analysis accessible
Overall: demonstrate an increased awareness of how to produce effective arguments
Influence – presenting a persuasive thesis statement that is supported by rhetorical analysis; employing strategies of arrangement to present a persuasive discussion
Integrated professional, ethical, personal identity – presenting a persuasive argument that takes a stance on an issue and argues for that position reasonably and with authority
Overall: understand more about essay writing conventions in academic contexts; and edit their own work effectively
Broader skills: critical thinking … communication – including an identifiable argument statement; including well planned paragraphs; engaging with multiple perspectives on a topic; use of referencing and citation practices; using accurate language appropriate for academic readers; a high level of precision and clarity in language use

This task requires you to present an essay as a result of proposal, research, planning and drafting. In future studies, you will produce such polished work. So too, in professional settings, will the planning, preparation and revision of work to high standards be important. Your influence in assessments and workplaces will depend greatly on your ability to plan and produce a detailed argument like what is expected here.