Ronald Reagan’s “Korean Airline Massacre

Ronald Reagan’s “Korean Airline Massacre 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

A substantial paper in rhetorical criticism where you choose the text and the method of approach and write a rhetorical criticism. This paper will be a carefully monitored segmented writing project that will focus on process in close consultation with the instructor.



Based off of your proposal, this part of the assignment is where you go into more detail on your project. In this assignment you are to state your thesis as clearly as possible, then give the steps you think you will take to make the thesis convincing. After that, you need to provide a working bibliography of sources that you plan to use in your paper with a brief note as to how you think that source will be helpful to your project.


My thesis/topic:

Thesis: Ronald Reagan’s “Korean Airline Massacre” goes beyond claiming the Soviet Union murdered the passengers on KAL 007, but that they are guilty of working against humanity.



  1. Discussion of the political situation at the time of the KAL 007 disaster. What was the United States trying to do internationally? What about the Soviet Union? What were relations like internationally? Discussion of the specifics of the KAL 007 incident. How did the media cover it? What meanings were present?
  2. I might use Burke’s Pentad to show how Reagan shifts the entire incident onto the purpose of the Soviet Union, to oppress and harm humanity. I might also use Fischer’s narrative paradigm to discuss how Reagan uses narrative proof to make his story appealing. This is where I detail those ideas and how they work.
  3. How did Reagan’s speech create new meanings or amplify or bring presence to the interpretation that the Soviets are evil? This is the analysis I’ll do of the speech.
  4. What was the reaction to Reagan’s speech? Is there any evidence of people buying into what he was saying?



For this section, what you would do is list every source you plan to use and how you think it would help you. For my example, I would cite Reagan’s speech, the media I have found about it (newspapers, magazine articles, etc.), any scholarship that people have written about it, and also sources that help me understand the world in 1983 – books, articles, etc. Also put here the things you’ve read on your own or what we have read in class that you think is helpful. You should have a pretty good number of courses by now.


Under each source you will need to give a short description as to how you think it would help you write your paper.