School Uniforms in Southland Christian School

School Uniforms in Southland Christian School 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

School Uniform

Most teenage students in Southland Christian School are particularly afraid of being different from the rest. As a result, most of them are desperately trying to conform to some social mores regarding their behavior and dress code. Sometimes they are not sure what to wear as they fear that they may not be accepted by their peers in school. Students have been reported to suffer from acute anxiety, and the absence of a defined uniform is a significant cause of unhappiness and stress (Kurgan, 2018). To eliminate the problem, Southland Christian school should take into consideration implementing the policy of wearing school uniforms for the students.

School rules should entail mandatory uniform gear for all the students. Whenever a learner is attending the school, they should put on a school uniform or even when they are participating in an organized event by the school outside of the regular hours. Shoes can be worn either in black or white, shirts and blouses should be white in color, shorts and skirts should be black along with the socks. Sweaters, windbreakers, blazers, and coats should be black similarly to the ties.  The school principal, administrators, teachers, parents, monitors and students will be responsible for solving the problem and ensuring that the policy is adhered (, 2017).

The solution of enacting the school uniform policy will help the students to remove their focus from their outward appearance. Since leaners are prone to being concerned about whatever they are wearing, if it is a requirement for them to put on a uniform, then that would allow them to turn back their focus towards learning. It would also function as a sign of equality among each of the students. It would eliminate a particular environment without prejudice (Maria, 2018). If they are relaxed, they can concentrate on their learning. Hence it would consequently help improve their performance.
















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