Should small colleges continue having sports

Should small colleges continue having sports 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Write a short (3 pg) paper answering the question: Should Newman University in Wichita Kansas continue to have athletics? Your essay should demonstrate careful consideration of the evidence in and discussions of the readings (and it will be graded on that basis). Snap judgements will not earn the grade you’d like. I provided the links for the articles/readings in a word document.

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Sporting activities have become an important part in the lives of many people as they help keep the bodies healthy, relaxed, and also help strengthen endurance and patience. Medical practitioners are recommending exercise for many of their patients to prevent and as a treatment for many ailments. In America, sports are an important part that is focused on the TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. In the United States, American football is the most popular sport especially among the college student followed by baseball and basketball. Sports are encouraged among the children and it is common to find the football, soccer, and basketball teams and leagues across many cities. American high schools and colleges are also involved in different sports every year with basketball held in winter, football in fall, and baseball and swimming in spring. The majority of the United States education institutions are aiming at producing individuals who are good at both their academic and other extra curricula activities. However achieving the academic performance has become a challenge especially in the high school and colleges as the students get involved in the competitive nature of the sporting activities taking place in this institutions.

Sports have lowered the academic achievements, especially among students athletes. The student-athletes have become not interested in their academic performance since they enroll in this institutions to develop their careers in sports. The students who engage in the sports have a higher rate of dropout from schools and in addition, they have a lower chance of completing their college education. Therefore, the involvement of college students in the sporting activities has resulted in negative influences which have directly or indirectly impacted the academic achievements of the students. Colleges should abolish the sporting activities.

The United States is practicing sporting activities in high schools and colleges more than any other country around the globe. The education system is ranked in number 31 compared to other countries’ education system. Ripley (2013, online) states that there are undertrained teachers and poverty levels that affect the system.