Social Work:Review on Racism

Social Work:Review on Racism 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Provide four definitions of racism including your own. Discuss your feelings regarding each definition. Discuss the concept of White privilege based on your readings and personal experience. Give examples and discuss your feelings about each. Describe two examples of racism from your personal experience and two examples of institutional racism that you are aware of personally or that you are aware of from readings. Referring to Beverly Tatum’s article on page 127 of “White Privilege”, what is the distinction she makes between racist and racism? Do you agree or disagree? Discuss this. Provide and discuss three examples of how language perpetuates racism. Based on all your various readings, what are your suggestions to overcoming racism?
This paper must be written in APA style, be between 2 and 3 pages long, used the text as a source and use an academic outside source. Note and the other on-line dictionaries are not considered academic sources. Books: Rothenberg, Race, Class, and Gender in the United States, 9th edition.
ISBN: 1429242175

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Bulmer (2008) defines racism as any inaction, action, or attitude that subordinates an individual or a group of people in regard to their ethnicity and color. Another definition of racism is a systemic mistreatment of people that is mainly experienced by people of color. Miller & Garran (2017) defines racism as a form of biases that is usually defined by invalid preconceived beliefs about a certain race and the members of the group. In my definition of racism, it is the belief that one holds towards the members of a race and the qualities, abilities, and characteristics that they hold. Usually, this characteristics are used to distinguish this race as inferior or superior. I feel that these definitions of racism are clear.

In my society today, there are damaging characteristics that have contributed to the white supremacy culture. White supremacy can be described as the preferential power, privilege, and treatment for white people at the expense of Native Americans, Arabs, Asian, Latino, Blacks, and other racially oppressed people (Rothenberg & Mayhew, 2017). According to several readings, white supremacy is an institutionally and historical perpetuated system of oppression and exploitation that is experienced by people of color. This actions are perpetuated by the white people and mainly for the purpose of defending and maintaining a system of privileges, power, and wealth. A personal experience of white supremacy is evident in the majority of the mainstream media. Television stations and newspapers have widely focused on the white people compared to the representation of the people of color.