Software Defined Networking (SDN) in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Software Defined Networking (SDN) in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Software Defined Networking (SDN) in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

 Abstract (1 page)

  • To improve the performance and optimize the delay of the packet transfer over network.
  • To provide an enhanced network performance solution over SDN in MPLS based Network on the throughput, (PDR), and Delay data packet type.


  1. Introduction (1 & 1/2 pages)
  • Give a brief Definitions for the following:-

2.1 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

2.2 Software Defined Networking (SDN)

2.3 Fast re-route method (Forwarding Table)


  • Use a unique logic diagram for the above


  1. Methodology (6 & 1/2 pages)
  • Summarize the attached document “Needs to be Summarized”.

3.1 Re-word and paraphrase the Methods, Rules, and Equations. Follow the attached sample paper (Ref page1-4).

3.2 Focus on the mathematical calculation measurement for the three important terms: “Throughput”, “PDR”, and “Dalay data packet”.

3.3 Link your own/reword “fast reroute method” in Bicriteria Direct Algorithm as the following format:


Algorithm 1: Bicriteria Direct
Input: A Network G = (s, t, N, M) and C, the cost matrix for all arcs (i,j) ∈ N
Output: The total travel time and optimal path from the node s to the node t
1 Initialization
2 Set Mm = {s}
3  for all nodes   t
4     if  s  adjacent to  t {
5       Tjm = C(S, j)
6     else Fjm = u(S, j)
7 Loop
8   find Node k ∈ N – Mm | Tkm = min (Tjm), where k>1;
9      Chose Fkm = maxj(Fjm)
10         update Mm = Mm-1 U [k]
11       find Tjm = min [Tjm-1 , Tkm-1 + C(k,j)]
12         Update the path, for each node j ∈ N – Mm
13           if the two terms of (step 11) are equal, then
14              Fjm = max{Fjm-1 , min [Fkm-1, u(k,j)]}
15  Until all nodes in Mm


Give a list of rules something like the following:


After the final iteration, the least cost path from source (S) to sink node (t) has developed, with its max flow.
i.e. the least cost path from S –> t with max flow is defined as Pi with:
  fi* = Ft                                                                                eq(1)
ci* = Ft * Tt                        eq(2)

1.            Update all capacity of the least cost path for each link capacity uij ,  i,j on path Pi
uij = uij – fi*                  eq(3)
at least one link on Pi is saturated
uij – fi*= 0

2.            Repeat from (step 1) until there is no feasible solution (i.e. no continious path from source node (S) to sink node (t)).


4.            Max flow through network from S–> t is,
  F* =  fi*                  eq(4)

5.            Min cost for transporting F* through network is,
  C* = ci*                  eq(5)

3.4 Explain how the fast reroute method work using “forwarding table”, also:

  • Show how MPLS forwarding table decides on the received packets and how can be handled.
  • Show how MPLS looks up the outermost label in the forwarding table.
  • Show how corresponding entry in the forwarding table decides the next hop.
  1. Experimental Results (1/2 page)
  • Give a brief descriptive in the following simulation result.

 5.0 Conclusion (1/2 page)

 Reflect the abstract and introduction. Say something about why this solution is a unique and a better solution from the existing research.


6.0 References


  • Should be in the IEEE style format.
  • Should be referenced from the recent published papers from the year 2015 to 2018


——————————- Paper End —————————================================

Special Requirements



1- Contents: Make sure the ALL the contents in the paper are unique, including the diagrams, figures, charts, trends etc. You have to create your own design, structure that suitable your topic.

2-  Citations: Make sure to use Numbered in the square brackets as an IEEE format.


3- Sources Usage: Make sure to use and reference from the recent published papers from the year 2015 to 2018.


4- Paper formatting: – Please focus in section 4: Methodology.

– Reword the equations and their definitions from the first                             attached document “Needs to be Summarized.doc“.

– Follow the attached sample paper (Ref-Page 1-4).jpgs.

Note: The format of the equations and their definitions should be similar format in the attached sample paper (Ref-Page 1-4).jpgs.

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