Sports in the United States

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subject can be anything there is ex in the document , follow instructions from document uploaded. you must show how this thing can be intellecual as example develop acadmic skills like, communication, reading , writing or speaking skills compare with another country too.

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In modern American society, Sports have occupied a central spot and they have been incorporated into a popular culture in the society. According to Fox (2012, p.7), the sporting culture has shaped the society and simultaneously it has been influenced by several trends in the history of the country. Biddle, Fox, & Boutcher (2000, p.74-80) state that sports are able to build an individual’s character. In addition, sports promote the virtues of commitment, dedication, teamwork, respect, and honesty. The writers add that the sports go beyond the fields and into the lives of participants such as the classroom environment, business world, and community. Therefore, sports serve an important part of the society as it helps in reducing crimes and teach valuable lessons, especially to the youth. Furthermore, sports bring members of the community together in ways that help strengthen the communities. Participation in sports is important as it helps an individual develop intellectually. Sports benefit the academic skills such as communication, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Sports and Intellectualism

Sports and Academic Excellence

Sport have prominently sharpened the understanding of students in various classes. Students tend to interact through sports, and as a result they have time to share and discuss content learned in class in a more relaxed manner. Moreover, sports tends to relax the brain hence allowing the students to perform better in the subsequent classes. Most of these sports are performed by extremely talented individuals who not aspire to excel in sports but are compelled to study hard to improve their odds of world recognition. In most of the institutions, administrations have ensured compulsory sports session where all the students are expected to participate in the favourite games and shine (Biddle and Boutcher 80-54). Teachers have reported that inclusion of mandatory sports period has magnificently boosted students’ performance. Sports boost learners mood, attitude, and relieve stress which gives them a chance to excel in the studies.