Sports in the United States

Sports in the United States 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


subject can be anything there is ex in the document , follow instructions from document uploaded. you must show how this thing can be intellecual as example develop acadmic skills like, communication, reading , writing or speaking skills compare with another country too.

How does your “hidden intellectualism”
manifest itself in a different culture?
A work of street art by Banksy.
In this (very brief!) course, we have explored the “hidden intellectualism” in a variety
of subjects, topics, and hobbies that we wouldn’t normally consider fruitful pursuits in
academic contexts. But, how does this translate to a different country/culture?
For your final project of our summer session, you will select any field of interest
(examples: fashion, popular music, street art, sports, comics/manga, anime, video
games, knitting, drone-building/RC/robotics, etc.) that is not overtly intellectual and
examine how it is intellectual (first half of your paper) and then examine the following
about the field of interest (second half of your paper):
• Provide a brief overview/history of this field in the culture of your choice
• How does the culture as a whole treat this field?
• How do the people from this other culture engage in this field?
• Are there any significant differences between how people from x culture affiliate
and interact with this field/subject as opposed to people in the United States?
(e.g. in the U.S. food is assessed usually based on how it tastes vs. in Japan,
food is assessed based on how it looks, even in casual eating environments.
Also, standards of taste differ, such as the concept of umami…)
There might be more in addition to this list, and I encourage you to be creative and
think outside of the box – but remember the most important thing is that you are
going to show how this is an intellectual field (kind of building off what you did in your
first essay) AND research and share how this field works in another culture.
• Must be at least 5-7 full pages, 1” margins, double-spaced in MLA Format
• A four-part introduction as shown in class (hook, context [argumentative
summary], transition, thesis)
• Give readers a clear, specific thesis that expresses not only the
(underappreciated) intellectual nature of the field, but also states something
about how the field operates in another culture (thesis will likely be ~2
• Submit an outline, rough draft, and peer review on time
• Free of grammatical/mechanical errors
• Ensure that the argument is logically sequenced and coherent
• Have clear topic sentences that connect back to the thesis
• Be comprised of TEA/PIE paragraphs (topic-evidence-analysis/point-informationexplanation)
that are no more than 1⁄2 a page or 3⁄4s a page long
• Incorporate evidence from at least five different sources
• Actively and smoothly integrate evidence from the articles you find
• Feature a conclusion that wraps up not only the intellectual justification for the
field, but also summarizes the differences between the field in the U.S. and the
field in the culture you’ve chosen to examine. Finally, consider why we might
want to learn about this in a college classroom like ours? How could we
incorporate it in a curriculum?
• Purdue OWL’s MLA formatting and citation guide (as usual)
• EasyBib (LOL)
• Your boundless potential for genius
• Our writing resources on iLearn