Staff recruitment and its relationship to staff retention

Staff recruitment and its relationship to staff retention 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


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using the attached text i need to tie that chapter to my focus of staff retention. How is recruitment and selection linked to staff retention.

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Retention, selection and attraction of employees are the most significant process that top management undertakes. In the book, Finding the ones you want, Keeping the ones you find, employees are described to be the architect of everything that lead to accomplishment of goals and objectives. In some organization, staff retention and recruitment is not given too much attention (Watson & Abzug, n.d). This may be due to prior engagement within the organization such as insufficient resources, underfunded programs, non-uniform financial cycle and needy client. With this tension in an organization, the management will have no time to overlook the methods in which they can recruit new staffs and retain them (Farr & Tippins, 2010). Staff recruitment is usually based on the skills and the experience possessed by a particular candidate. These skills and experience will either make him suitable for the job or not. On the other hand, organizations do retain their staff based on their performance which will be based on constant evaluation and monitoring of all the employees. Secondly, availability of resources is a major factor in staff recruitment and staff retention. As an illustration, employees need salary at the end of their working period. The availability of money as a resource will either determine the time of payment or mode of payment used. The purpose of this article is to assess the relationship between staff recruitment and staff retention.

Staff recruitment refers to the process in which employers use to attract, screen and select the qualified candidates for a particular position within the firm. In the management of an organization, excellent recruitment of staffs is about finding the right individual and has great business performance and is highly sensitive to building a good rapport with the customers, increased business returns and other aspects of management which will lead to the organization making more profits. Additionally, the method that an organization uses will determine the performance of the recruited staffs (Watson & Abzug, n.d). Therefore, organizations should employ stringent selection criteria which will lead to acquiring better-performing employees. When it comes to staff recruitment, organizations should come up with strategies which could be used in acquiring the best employee. Organization could seek the help of other employees during recruitment. The best approach that organization ought to use is the attraction method. This method will involve presenting eligible candidates with undeniable offers in the company. This will lead to attracting candidates with required skills and experience. It is important to keep in mind that, as the organizations make lucrative offers, resources should be available. These resources include money. This is because, at the end of it, employees need to paid and needs of the organizations attended to.