Strategic management, its importance, applications, realities, challenges:an organization based in Qatar, preferably large size, either national or international company.

Strategic management, its importance, applications, realities, challenges:an organization based in Qatar, preferably large size, either national or international company. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

The course project aims at providing students with a better understating of strategy formulation and business environment analysis.  After completing your project, you should be able to identify and apply the main techniques used to analyze competition in a business environment.


You are a group of young dynamic team of graduates, and have been hired to tackle some serious issues related to strategy.  You have to analyze the issue(s), identify root cause(s), conduct a literature review on how same/similar/related issues have been tackled, and then propose solutions based on your understanding and may be in line with the literature review you have conducted.

  1. You need to select an organization based in Qatar, preferably large size, either national or international company.
  2. You are required as a group to answer 5 questions following the study of the selected organization.
  3. The Team size must be between 3 to 5 students as maximum.
  4. The completed project must be typed, printed and handed by the team leader to the instructor either on or before the deadline. In addition, an electronic copy of the project must be uploaded to the Turnitin programme in the blackboard on the deadline specified.
  5. The total number of pages are recommended to be around 15 pages. The cover page MUST include full names of all members, IDs and title. Both the cover page and the contents’ page as well as appendices are not counted as part of the 15 pages stated above.
  6. You need to cite all references that you used in your project both in the text (ONLY surname & year) as well as at the end of the project (full citation), MUST not be less than 10 references.
  7. The total mark for the project is 20, 15 of this will go to the written exam whereas 5 marks for the presentation.
  8. The font size for the text must be 12 and 14 for titles and sub-titles using Times New Roman.
  9. Presentations will be assessed individually, hence each group member/student is responsible to prepare and present certain slides- no more than 10 minutes- that exhibit your contribution to the group project.
  10. The presentations date and time would be announced later towards the end of the term. Each student will present part of the project.


You start with introducing the topic of your project, which is about the strategic management, its importance, applications, realities, challenges … etc, and then describe/introduces the company.  Following the introduction you are required to perform a literature review, 60% of literature review should be of the refereed journal articles.  There should be at least 10 relevant pieces from literature in your review.  Following the literature review, you have to answer the following 5 questions:

Q1. Visit the selected firm’s Website and then identify the following:

  • Its vision, mission statement, strategic goals, and values. Evaluate and show your understanding of each one of them
  • Conduct the internal analysis showing its strengths and weaknesses

Q2. Provide examples, facts and events, and reactive or proactive actions as evidence on what actions were taken by a firm to improve its performance. For examples, the actions that can be taken by the different business functions may include improving performance through better customer service, innovative design of the products, increase market share, reducing cost, new products, new markets, exploiting opportunities, negotiating deals with suppliers/distributers … etc.

Q3. Use Porter’s Five Forces Model to analyze the nature of competition in the selected firm’s industry or market. Provide evidences and examples to show how the theory is bridged with practice.

Q4. Explain which of Porter’s generic strategies are utilized? How they are utilized? What tactics are used for implementing them? The table presented below can help you identify the tactics that can be used for implementing Porter’s generic strategies. List pitfalls and limitations associated with utilizing Porter’s generic strategies in the selected firm.


Differentiation strategy Cost leadership strategy Focus/cost strategy Focus/differentiation strategy
Extensive training of marketing personnel Vigorous pursuit of cost reductions Providing outstanding customer service Providing specialty products and services
Developing a broad range of new products or services Tight control of overhead costs Improving operational efficiency Producing products or services for high price market segments
Refining existing products or services Minimizing distribution costs Controlling the quality of products or services Dropping unprofitable customers
Developing brand identification   Extensive training of front-line personnel Targeting a specific market
Innovation in marketing

technology and methods

Utilizing advertising      
Building a positive relationship within the industry for technological leadership      
Forecasting existing market growth      
Forecasting new market growth      
Fostering innovation and creativity      
Building high market share      
Source: Obasi Akan, Richard S. Allen, Marilyn M. Helms and Samuel A. Spralls III, (2006), “Critical tactics for implementing Porter’s generic strategies”, Journal of Business Strategy.


Q5. Give an outlook for competition over the next ten years in the selected firm’s market, focusing on potential new entry, demand, and buyers. What is your advice as a strategist for a firm to thrive in a turbulent environment and compete globally?


As a guide your report should include the following sections and address the following issues:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction and problem description
  • Review of the relevant literature.
  • Solutions to the 5 questions
  • Recommendations.
  • References
  • Appendices (if any)



The Deadline of the project submission is 11th of Nov. 2018- both hard and soft copies.


Final Report Marking Schema

  1. Presentations
Performance Area 1:  Does Not  Meet Expectations 2:  Needs Improvement 3:  Meets Expectations 4: Exceeds Expectations Score
LO 1. Demonstrate effective written communication skills Weak content, haphazard organization, unattractive format Acceptable content, but poor organization and format Acceptable content with reasonable organization and format Quality content, well organized and attractively formatted  


   1    2    3    4

LO 2. Demonstrate effective oral communications skills Disorganized, poor delivery Low level of organization and delivery Acceptable level of organization and delivery Excellent organization and delivery  


   1    2    3    4

LO 4. Work effectively in teams No coordination between team members Poor coordination between team members Good coordination between team members Excellent coordination between team members  

   1    2    3    4

LO 6. Foster global perspective in both appreciation and application Unaware of global issues Aware of global issues, but not applied to topic Aware of global issues, applied partially to topic Aware of global issues, applied fully to topic  


   1    2    3    4

Cross-course integration
Fails to identify issues related to functional courses* taught in BBA Identifies issues from multiple functions but not the relations among them Identifies inter-relationships among business functions Uses perspectives from diverse functions to choose optimal strategies  

   1    2    3    4



  1. Written Report
Student Name:                     
Criteria Mark
All questions are answered correctly with high clarity and readability. 3
Ideas are well presented, sequenced and logically structured 3
Free from typographical mistakes that negatively affect readability 3
4Style unity and choice of terms/words 3
Correct citation and use of references- both in the text and at the end. 3
Total 15