Survey of American Literature II”

Survey of American Literature II” 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Final Project

“Survey of American Literature II”





Develop your own argument about a single topic in: a) Frank Norris’ A Man’s Woman. Your topic should be something that cannot be discerned from a first-time, surface reading of the novel; must be completely original; and must be focused, narrow and manageable.



(Already submitted- see attached) Topic Proposal/Outline: Develop a provisional thesis and general argumentative direction. Mention at least five direct quotations from your chosen– with the corresponding correct edition page numbers – that you will be incorporating into your argument, and include potential topics for each body paragraph. At this point, you are merely providing your own argumentative direction, so don’t consult outside sources. That said, if you consult any source, you must cite that source whether in your proposal or actual essay.



A couple of requirements for this assignment are listed below. Your final grade will be deducted if any of these requirements aren’t fulfilled.


  • All references must be from the edition used in A Man’s Woman: online via Project Gutenberg). The page numbers for quotations should match the exact edition. (One full grade penalty if not used)



  • You must use at least one piece of direct textual evidence per body paragraph. That piece of evidence, in support of your argumentative claim, must be correctly cited and subsequently paraphrased. (one grade penalty if not done).


3a) One secondary source must be incorporated into the essay. If you choose the Norris novel, use something from Ernest Marchand’s biography Frank Norris: A Study (1942). The book is a google e-book; you can either do a search on the lefthand side for “A Man’s Woman” or just use a general theoretical principle of Marchand’s in relation to the book.’s%20woman%22&f=false




Directly quote from and cite this source. I imagine only 1-2 direct quotations to be used from this source in reference to your own argument. (One full grade penalty if outside source not used)


  • You may not begin your essay project until you get approval from me in the topic proposal.


  • Your “Works Cited” will have two source (no others allowed; don’t consult any): a) edition of your chosen novel, b) the first outside source (the required article), and



Length: 5-7 pages, excluding bibliography

Works Cited (any and all sources). Do not use any other sources for this assignment besides the one source and the novel.  Do not do a google search on your book. Trust your instincts at this point. Your argument must be completely original and based upon your individual reading of either novel. Plagiarism is the undocumented use of outside sources. Do not plagiarize.




JSTOR Citation Example:


Moses, Cat. “The Blues Aesthetic in Toni Morrison’s ‘The Bluest Eye.'” African American Review 33.4 (1999): 623-37. Accessed via JSTOR. Web. 5 Mar. 2003.,4,4,B/i8562153201&FF=Yjstor&1,1,%2C1%2C0


In text citation example. (Note that the page numbers should be the exact same ones as the edition used in class). Note the page number in parentheses after the quotation and before the punctuation. Note that you need not include the author’s name in parentheses, nor the year.


Faulkner writes in the final chapter that, “the wind was gusty, out of the southeast, chill and raw after the warm days” (180).


Good luck with this project!