Systematic Creativity Professor Goldenberg

Systematic Creativity Professor Goldenberg 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Systematic Creativity
Professor Goldenberg
GMBA, 2017
Guidelines for Final Project
1. Presentation: To be presented in the last lesson – Friday April 28th, 2017
2. Essay: To be submitted by May 12th, 2017 by email to in
PDF format
General instructions
• You will be working on your project in your organic groups of 4 students.
• The final project has 2 components:
o PowerPoint class presentation (40%)
The presentation will take place during the last lesson of the course.
You need to bring the presentation to the last class and prepare it
on the class computer before class starts. The presentation slides,
in PDF format only, will be sent to before the
class begins.
o Written essay (60%)
The essay will not exceed 6 pages, 1.5 lines spacing, font size 12.
Essay will be emailed to in PDF format.
The main goal of your project is to develop new ideas for a real company based
on the templates method. The challenge was presented by the company in
The ideas you generate can relate to different elements of the company’s
environment: the products and services provided, their technology, their
design, the marketing actions etc.
The ideas should be innovative and essential and the benefit from them should
be well designed. Avoid offering ideas which are too complicated from a
technological point of view and make sure you work with organized processes
according to the methods learned.
What you need to do
Invent four (4) ideas that solve the challenge presented by the company.
Ideas are to be created using the 5 templates (methods) learned in the course:
Task Unification
Attribute Dependency
As you need to create 4 ideas, you can choose which 4 of the 5 templates to use.
You will learn the specific steps you need to follow for implementing each of the
templates. In the course book, you’ll see those steps titles as “How to use
Subtraction”, “How to use Division”, etc.
Also use the course slides and online videos which include many examples
showing how to use the templates.
Guidelines for the presentation:
1. Choose the one idea you like to most (from the 4 ideas you are inventing)
2. Choose the idea you thing is most creative for the class presentation.
3. Describe the new idea.
4. Explain which template was used to create the idea and how it was used.
5. Emphasize the benefits of the idea and define the potential target audience.
6. Explain why your new innovation is attractive and how it solves the
challenge given by the company.
• The duration of the presentation will not exceed 5 minutes.
• As you only have 5 minutes, there is no need for all group members to
• Grading will be determined by a judges’ panel including representatives
from the company and the course staff.
• Grading will be related to creativity, originality and feasibility of the idea
and whether the template was used correctly.
Please note: a good presentation will clearly present a creative idea, in a
manner convincing potential investors that they should give further
consideration to the offered product/service.
Guidelines for the written essay
In the written essay, you will report all of your 4 new and creative solutions to the
challenge presented by the company.
The quality of the ideas is not graded, only the accuracy of implementing them
according to the templates learned, and a complete answer to all items below.
For each idea, you’ll need to explain the following:
1. Describe the idea and how it solves the challenge.
2. Describe how you’ve used the template to create the idea, following every
step of the template. Here it’s important to explain the entire process, e.g.:
list of attributes or components, what manipulation was done according to
the template and any additional unique step for each of the template.
3. What are the benefits as a result of the new ideas?
4. Describe the target audience and the degree to which the
product/service/solution is attractive from the company’s perspective.
Does and Don’ts:
Do Don’t Do
During the entire semester, work on
using each template learned to solve
the challenge presented by the
Work on implementing the 4 ideas on
“draft paper”. You may have several
iterations and revisit your draft during
the semester. Only for the final
written essay you need to submit the
formal explanation of the ideas as
specified in the instructions.
Don’t brainstorm: Ideas are not to be
created using out of the box intuition
Don’t come up with an idea and only
then think which template can be used
to explain that idea.
Beating Procrastination: Don’t start
working during the last week on the
Don’t rule out any idea in advance.
Collect different ideas using the
templates and only as you approach
the deadline, decide which 4 ideas to
include in your written essay and
which is your favorite idea to present
in class.
Good Luck J