Technical Report Writing

Technical Report Writing 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Technical Report – Title of Report



Executive Summary

This should be a short 150 word overview of the report that a senior person could read and have a general overview. Perhaps the most difficult section to write as very concise writing needed. I would suggest you leave this to the very end of the work as you cannot summarize what has not been written.


Anyone who reads an introduction should have a full understanding of what the work is about and the intended direction of the work. This is no exception. How many times have you been in a meeting, presentation or listened to a politician and think: ‘… I have no idea what this is about’. Then the introduction is probably weak in explanation. Now imagine the instructor grading your work. If they do not understand sufficiently how can you be awarded full marks? Help yourself, make clear, concise and simple sentences.

English and grammar are critical. Try to keep to 20 works per sentence and only one verb. Your most common punctuation should be a period. Use commas sparingly and semi colons only when a tag cannot be justified as a full sentence on its own. An introduction should be approximately 1—15% of the words used.


Introduce the exact problem, may be a reference or two and diagrams if fully needed. Your audience will be esoterical and do not need to be reminded of obvious facts or picture. Here you may add a failed component picture or environmental conditions, even manufacturing machines or inspections that all seldom see. If a diagram then it must be labelled and referred to in the paragraph above or below. If not referred to for any reason why is it included in the report. When explaining items or tasks try to limit the number of paragraphs and sentences that start with the word ‘The’. It looks repetitive in nature and suggests to the reader it was written by someone not confident in writing. Do you remember writing about your holiday at the start of term when you were 9 years old? I went something like this: I went to see my Uncle and I had ice cream and sodas and then I went swimming and then I had dinner. Repetition in phrases distracts the readers.


Below in figure one is a typical materials testing machine called an Izod machine. Label as shown in this situations.

Figure 1, an Izod machine.

In this report I have been using personal pronouns, generally they should be avoided in term papers. A technical report allows them when necessary as to write in the third person if it otherwise makes it cumbersome to read. There are sometimes tables needed. Below in Table 1 is an example of a table and its formatting.

Time (t) Distance (ft) Speed (mph)
23 120 56.7
28 156 72.7

Table 1, an example of a table.

It is not uncommon in technical reports to present an equation, not the proof of one as that is suited to an appendix.

  1. (1).

The above equation, eq. 1, solved the common cold for mankind. Additionally, it is good practice to state what P, represent. Always remember to state the units in the result.

Results are presented in this section but not any analysis yet, see below.


Analysis is what the data shows or the results. All the meanings should be addressed and explained in this section. Include any bias, experimental error or possible limitations based on the data collection or analysis methods. For example, if the data is historical or cannot be verified.

Conclusions and Recommendations

There is a confusion between analysis and conclusion. A conclusion is the important analysis results and they will be repeated here to enforce their meaning. Recommendations are in two parts. First, what is likely but cannot be validated for the results due to a lack of clarify or missing information. Sentences should follow the form: It is highly likely that… Or, It is suggested the most likely reason or cause is… Secondly, suggest what should now be done or what should have happened, may be both. Think of the recommendations from an aviation crash. The pilots should not have lowered the flaps and the aircraft should be fitted with additional warning sounds.


These must be in APA format


Use this to remove the clutter from the main body. Supporting diagrams, data and useful information that some might need to assist in reading and understanding.