Tesla Company

Tesla Company 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

 Please write a paper about Tesla based on the power point I uploaded.
 Please searching for more information if you want
 The paper should include 4 main sections: Introduction, Analysis, Discussion, and
 Please connect the paper with some concepts of Organization Behavior such as Stances, and
Job Satisfaction, …
Writing your paper
Your paper outline should consist of the following main sections:
A. Introduction: present your individual/organization and highlight the topic on which your
paper is focused. Present your position on the topic (recommendation/opinion) and
summarize what you will talk about in the remainder of the paper
B. Analysis: analyze the individual’s personality and leadership style or the organization’s
structure and culture using course concepts applied to information from press/books.
Your analysis should demonstrate that you understand course concepts and that you have
applied them appropriately to shed light on this individual or organization. If your paper
could have been written without taking this class and learning course concepts, then you
haven’t completed this assignment.
C. Discussion: dive into a discussion about the specific topic that is guiding your
exploration of this individual or organization (e.g., the decision(s) they made, their
impact on employees, how it dealt with a crisis situation, the HR policy(ies) it has
implemented, etc.). Make sure that you make connections between your analysis and the
discussion topic. Consider and highlight what insights were made possible through your
analysis and use of OB concepts and frameworks.
D. Conclusion: wrap up what you have been discussing in your paper. Your conclusion
should begin pulling back into more general information that restates the main points of
your argument. You may also identify limitations of your analysis and future work that
may be conducted to shed more light on this topic.

The company was introduced in 2003 by Martin Eberhard
and Marc Tarpening.

Tesla Inc. is an American automaker and solar panel

The company is located in Alto California.

The current market cap is at $53.23 billion.

Powerful player in the increasing competitive electric
vehicle market.

The Matter at Hand

Tesla has demonstrated a pattern of bad business
decisions that are negatively impacting consumers,
employees, and potentially stockholders.

Examples include limitation of vehicle capabilities
and a disregard for working conditions.

Vehicle Related

Tesla has the ability to remotely affect vehicles.

Was able to supercharge cars remotely in Florida during
hurricane harvey.

Collects data from its vehicles to monitor driving and traffic

Remotely installs software on customer’s vehicles.

Can remotely disable your vehicle.

Vehicle Related

Tesla has not made a formal statement regarding its
ability to limit vehicle capabilities

Employee Related

Tesla has a company culture that promotes the
overworking of employees.

Ambulances have been called more than 100 times since
2014 for workers experiencing fainting spells, dizziness,
seizures, abnormal breathing and chest pains.

Workers say that they are hurting but they are too afraid to
report it for fear of being labeled as a complainer or bad
worker by management.

Workers were required to sign a confidentiality policy that
threatens consequences if we exercise our right to speak out
about wages and working conditions.

Employee Related

Tesla claims to care very deeply about the wellbeing
of its employees and their illness and injury rate are
now 32% better than the industry average.

Tesla’s Company Organization

High formalization

While efficient, leads to a high rate of employee burnouts.

Low centralization.

Lack of centrality leads to each individual function
determining the appropriate course of action to achieve a
specific business goal.

Matrix Structure

The overlap between tesla’s sales and technology
department resulted in ther limitation of battery capability
in favor of profits of making world a better place.


Emphasize more centralization to refocus attention
on providing accountability for employee well being
and consumers.

Move emphasis in its organizational matrix away
from sales and towards social corporate

Sales should be a priority, but it should not sacrifice its
ethical responsibility to consumers in order to make money


Tesla’s action have been made in every attempt to turn
a profit, however the company continues to be in the
red, all the while harming the wellbeing of employees
and invading the privacy and autonomy of its