Texas revolution was established due to how the Anglos and Spaniards Diverse Opinions on slavery.

Texas revolution was established due to how the Anglos and Spaniards Diverse Opinions on slavery. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Texas revolution was established due to how the Anglos and Spaniards Diverse Opinions on slavery.

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The Texas Revolution started in October 1835 and ended in April 1836. The revolution also referred to as the War of Texas Independence was fought between Mexico and Texas colonists and it resulted in the birth of Republic of Texas (1836-1845). Texas was under Mexico and it was called the state of Coahuila y Tejas.  The revolution began with the battle of Gonzales and it was put to a stop with the battle of San Jacinto. The revolution was caused by social and political differences between the Mexican rulers and Anglo-Americans. Mexicans first gained their independence from Spain in 1821 after the Spanish had settled there for almost three hundred years.[1] The Spanish government officials made attempts to colonize Texas and they taught the Texans the Spanish religion, the way of life, and farming. Under the Spanish law, slavery was outlawed. Americans were attracted to the west and they moved with their slaves, civilization, and Christianity. They were invited to settle in Texas under the impresario system where they are mandated to become citizens of their new country, Mexico. Over time, the number of Anglos increased and outnumbered the natives. Anglo is a term used in Texas and the border of United States of America and Mexico to describe a white person from the U.S. who is not of Hispanic or Mexican origin.  Disagreements between the Anglos and the Mexican government came up from issues on slavery, differences in language and religion which led to the Texas Revolution.

History of Slavery in Texas

In the social-racial pyramid of the Spanish colonial regime, Spaniards were placed at the top, and the bottom of the hierarchy were the Africans and Indians.[2]  In New Spain, today’s Central America and Mexico, the total population was made up of only a small number of African slaves. Unlike other colonies where field slavery was highly practiced, the Spanish colonial regime in Texas did not practice it. In Texas, slaves were mainly for the upper class, Spaniards, and they were for domestic services, worked as skilled craftsmen, and livestock handlers. They were not for field work since there was no large plantations in this regime. The slaves were associated with military officers, governors, and other rich individuals. Under the Spaniards, the laws valued the rights of slaves and their right to freedom.  In this era, the slaves could seek justice in the case that they are abused or crimes are committed against them and their properties. They could also have their freedom through purchasing it from their masters and they were allowed by the law to seek a new master if they could demonstrate a good cause.

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