The Iraq War 2003

The Iraq War 2003 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Essay No.2 – Crisis/Event/Issue – Due at end of period #4  Find at least two articles to construct your understanding about the crisis/event/issue that has influence or effects on the Arab World.  ‘What is the crisis/event/issue?’ Who is involved  Write a 500word essay that describes the crisis/event/issue. This essay should deal with ‘what is the crisis/event/issue?’ You should focus on the 5Ws to give use a detailed description of the crisis/event/issue. You must use in-text citations from the sources used to support your description.  500word Essay  Introduction, body, conclusion  In-text citations  Work Cited page Sources :



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On March 20, 2003, The United States of America launched an invasion into Iraq under the pretext of freeing Iraq and protecting its interests. Along with coalition forces, primarily, from the United Kingdom, the U.S forces initiated the war by bombing the capital of the country, Baghdad. By then, the governments of U.S and UK had already built their case around the idea that Iraq was a dangerous state. Announcing the onset of the war in an early televised broadcast, George Bush defended the military operations as a necessity with the aim of disarming Iraq, freeing the people, and protecting the rest of the world from grave danger. This paper discusses the crisis of the Iraqi War of 2003.

The Iraq War was a protracted conflict that can be traced back to the Shiite community’s ascent to power, epitomized by Saddam Hussein’s presidency. For as long time, there was a fervent enmity between the two armed factions of the Shiite and Sunni tribes. The conflict had been brewing for quite some time and had been aggravated by the Sunni’s hold on power during the colonial era (Wong). Saddam Hussein hailed from the Sunni tribe. In a desperate attempt to prevent any insurgency from the Shiite majority, he established a brutal dictatorial rule. In 2003, President Bush stated that there was sufficient reason to believe that Saddam Hussein was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.