The question is: Developing attitudes and skills ensures success at university. Discuss this in terms of which attitudes and skills will help you succeed.

The question is: Developing attitudes and skills ensures success at university. Discuss this in terms of which attitudes and skills will help you succeed. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Choose two attitudes and two skills and discuss it in relation to the question above. Mention the connection it has with studying media and communication skills
Skill one: Critical thinking
Skill two: Time management

Attitude one: Positive attitude
Attitude two: Confidence

Standard essay structure: Thesis, Four paragraph (one for each idea and skill), and conclusion.

Define success, time management and critical thinking

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Logical thinking is a crucial element in all qualified academic discipline.  The critical thinking process helps in comprehension of information and use the knowledge to make logical conclusions. These principles are applicable across all disciplines provided the student applies philosophical contextualization. University students should be able to skilful enter into the logic of issues and problems. The critical thinker will view the life challenges without social-centric or egocentric bias[1].  Critical thinking creates a strong sensitivity in mind thus able to generate insights and addresses the various obstacles compromising high quality thought and learning.   At the university, critical thinking is relevant an essential in every life’s aspect of a student.  University is an institution where discussion and learning take place. The students need to research and enquire more about the fields of study to make a quality education rather than on lectures. Lazy students depend on listening to their teachers and make no further inquiring for more knowledge. However, it is important to note that not everything said by teachers is correct and it requires students to research and confirm information received.  Research offers opportunities to expand knowledge through new information and skills. Moreover, it does not necessarily involve information accumulation; rather, critical thinking deduces consequences from the known of offering solutions to problems[2]. Students should not become critical or argumentative but should expose wrong reasoning and fallacies. Successful students think critically and are creative, follow rules of rationale and logic. After school, critical thinkers should enhance processes at the workplaces and work to improve social institutions. The students who think critically have the ability demonstrate a positive attitude, self-confidence and time management. Additionally, they have problem-solving skills, reasoning abilities as use technical support system in the most appropriate manner[3]. These are characteristics of a good university student and are a key indicator of success during the life time at the institution and other life’s aspects.

Time Management

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