There should be 1 homework assignment and 2 annotated bibliography style literature reviews in total.

There should be 1 homework assignment and 2 annotated bibliography style literature reviews in total. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch



There are 3 components to this homework assignment. The first is selecting one of five the below homework assignments and completing it. The data can be from anything but should be related to an office setting and not manufacturing.
The second and third components are literature reviews that are on articles that have to do with the homework item selected in the first component. I have included the instructions for both. There should be 1 homework assignment and 2 annotated bibliography style literature reviews in total. All completed in APA format. There is no rubric – all the information I was given is included below.

Based on information and data that you collect from your place of work (or from another organization that you are involved with), you must: (a) create a situation with quantitative factors; (b) solve the situation showing the proof of your calculations; and (c) analyze the implications of your solution to your organization.

Select one of the following to complete:

1. Schedule and cost variance analysis (chapter 6)
2. EOQ analysis (chapter 7 supplement B)
3. Facility location analysis (chapter 8)
4. Cycle time analysis (chapter 8)
5. Learning curve analysis (chapter 8)

All assignments must be typed in a MS Word document. All figures and tables must be included in one document (i.e. do not submit Excel work as a separate document). Your name and the assignment title must be typed clearly on the top of your first page of your document so it is there when I print it. Please proof your print view to make sure all material is readable and not separated onto many different pages, and that individual figures or tables fit onto a single page.

C. Literature Review Essays
Search academic social science research periodicals that deal with your chosen Homework Problem topic (e.g., if you are doing a homework problem on “line balancing” then your topic is “line balancing”). Based on “key words” of the topic, search the reference article databases from our Golden Library webpage. Read and review the article abstracts from this search, then pick your two articles to print and read completely. Only legitimate research articles are allowed; no Wikipedia material.

2. Write an “annotated bibliography” style Essay on each article:

An annotated bibliography consists of writing one page per article (single space) on which you provide the basic article information (author, title, citation), and then provide a summary of the article (note: please do not retype the article’s abstract, you must put it into your own words). Your citation must follow the American Psychological Association Style Guidelines.
The summary should contain the following:

• The purpose of the article;
• The design and/or methodological approach of the article;
• The findings of the article;
• The conclusions of the article;
• Keep quotations from the chapter to a minimum; and,
• Keep your essay from 300 to 500 words in length. The minimum length is 300 words; any fewer words will reduce the grade. The 300 to 500 word length only represents your words, not words attributed to another author, or cited from previous articles.

All Literature Review Essays must be typed.