Topics on a major labor dispute: Labour and Union Relations

Topics on a major labor dispute: Labour and Union Relations 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

You will be required to write a paper for the class on a labor topic. The paper should be a minimum of 7 pages typed, double spaced. The paper must include a Title Page, Work Cited List and Brief Outline; (these pages are not included in the ten pages of text required for the paper). The topic should be a major labor dispute, i.e. strike, work stoppage, picketing, lockout or an historical labor event. You can also do a statistical analysis about a labor or employee topic, (i.e. number of labor elections in a span of ten years, workplace violence incidents, FMLA, Discrimination, etc.). Statistics can be found on government websites such as the NLRB, Bureau of Labor Statistics, EEOC, and OSHA etc. You should demonstrate the impact of the topic you chose on employers, employees, union and /or community. Paper must be in word or google doc format.
I will not accept a paper that has no relationship to the course.
You should begin researching your paper after the first class. I have found that in the past, students who wait too long to start their research get into trouble. Resources include books, journals and newspapers. The Internet should only be used for aiding and finding appropriate journals or researching the materials available at a particular library or government websites. Online sources like Wikipedia and are not to be used as one of your sources and points will be deducted for their use. A paper utilizing only Internet resources will not be accepted.
Lindenwood requires that you use the MLA format for term papers, if you have questions please see me.
Remember this is a research paper. A research paper is not a book report. It is not an essay of your own unsupported opinion on a particular topic. It is also not a “how to paper”. For example phrases that are not acceptable in any research paper are “In my opinion” or “I think.” Research papers are based are on scholarly research. The paper should state a premise and provide information, history and documentation to support content material so the reader has a complete understanding of the topic presented. You should have a minimum of five solid sources for this paper. The research portion of this paper is difficult, you need to start on this assignment immediately or you will risk falling behind.
You need to develop a thesis for your paper and then have an outline describing what you want to accomplish in your paper and how you plan to accomplish it. You can choose to write about employment issues, immigration, wages, or other issues affecting our society today and that have an imprint from the past and to the present. Do not fill the body of your paper with long quotes from other sources. Quoting sources can certainly add to the credibility of your paper, but they should not be the bulk of your paper.