What is the state of understanding and evidence for modern plant/animal extinctions?

What is the state of understanding and evidence for modern plant/animal extinctions? 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


For your writing project, you have two (2) deadlines and many topics to choose from.

Investigate and Research your topic with library and internet resources. Write, revise, revise, revise…
Here is some advice from the university Libraries and others on how to:
· Evaluate information you may find on the Internet.
· Avoid plagiarism in your note-taking and writing.
· Use journal articles and the popular press in your research.
· Use one of the more powerful scientific search engines, Web of Science (you will need to be logged onto UA computer to access Web of Science), also Google Scholar.
You should properly cite and reference all sources of information you use to write your paper, including facts, figures, tables and images. See ”Term Project Citations and References” in D2L content for Week of Feb. 27 for required style for in-text citations and end-of-text references- they are closest to APA style.

Your deadlines are:
March 22 (Wednesday, noon)- Topic, Title, Outline ([ignore any sales elements of these sources] example1, example 2) and References due
Turn in (due by class time) a typewritten/printed (not by hand) paper containing the FOUR elements below to Dropbox as DOC or RTF file.
(1) Statement of topic (a few sentences on [a] what your topic is about, [b] why you chose it, and [c] why it is important)
(2) An imaginative and compelling title of your paper (make sure it contains the topic of your paper)
(3) Outline containing a sufficient number of points to reveal your approach and emphasis, and that you have actually spent some time working on this.
(4) Properly Formatted (see “Term Project Citations and References” in D2L content for week of Feb. 27) list of at least 8 RELEVANT* references from web, books, journals, magazines that you have found that relate to your scientific topic (for web sources, give full web address that would allow others to find it exactly).
[*RELEVANT web references are needed, not superfluous references with little or no relevant content.]
Note the additional following restrictions:
RULES (1) no more than 2 Wikipedia references
(2) at least 2 references from scientific journals (“scholarly articles”)
(3) at least one book

TAs may be willing to read full (or partial) draft of you paper and comment on it if you can turn it in at this time or shortly after.

Turn in (due by class time) to dropbox as DOC or RTF file:
Typewritten final paper (including Bibliography):
(1) Four to five typewritten pages of TEXT that follows your title. Your bibliography will be at the end of your paper and is not part of the word count. Any tables, pictures, figures are not included in the 4 to 5-page text requirement; they need to be labeled as “Table 1” (with caption), “Figure 1” (with caption), etc, and in the text you should refer to them at the appropriate point in your narrative.
(2) Double-spaced (not 2½ - or triple spacing); 12-point font type; 1-inch margins all around. If printed copy is requested, on one-side of page only