Why did Colonel David Hackworth go from decorated war hero to the American military biggest critic?

Why did Colonel David Hackworth go from decorated war hero to the American military biggest critic? 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Why did Colonel David Hackworth, a decorated war hero, turn on the military establishment and become the military’s biggest critic? Paper must be 12pt Times New Roman, one-inch margins.


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David Hackworth’s Perspective on the War in Vietnam
“If a policy is wrongheaded, feckless, and corrupt, I take it up as personally and consider it a moral obligation to sound off and not shut up until it’s fixed.[1]”  This quote is a highlight of the moral standards and ethical point of view of David Hackworth, the decorated soldier that dared to stand against the military policy in Vietnam. Indeed, he truly lived by his word, shaking up the foundation of military policy at its core and promoting military reforms in the United States of America. Renouncing his hard-earned titles and military position, David Hackworth launched a scathing tirade against the actions of the US military in Vietnam. In spite of the personal cost of his activism, he went on to advise his seniors that America was not winning the war in Vietnam due to the fact that they were fighting it wrong. He also presented his views in a national TV broadcast causing anger among the ranks in the Pentagon who planned to subject him to an imposition of martial law. David Hackworth carried himself as a virtuous and principled character with not only the soldierly skills of tactical combat, but also the integrity and moral prerogative to challenge the authorities and tell the truth in spite of the risk of the impeding consequences. This paper discusses his character transformation from a decorated war hero to an active critic of the military. Within the paper, the rationale for his move to abandon his military career as well as his scathing tirade against the military policy in Vietnam, is explained in detail.

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