Writing Assignment 1: Dead Wake by Erik Larson ; view during the voyage of the Lusitania

Writing Assignment 1: Dead Wake by Erik Larson ; view during the voyage of the Lusitania 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Writing Assignment 1: Dead Wake by Erik Larson ; Choose a character from the text. Consider his or her view during the voyage of the Lusitania. Write three blog entries that they might have shared during the trip. You must include details from that person’s experience as the ship sinks, during the rescue, and in the aftermath of the
disaster. You are expected to use historical context from your textbook and class discussion about World War I, isolationism, and the culture of the period

Dead Wake is divided into five sections. You must read Sections IV and V. You may read the
first three as well but that is not required for our class.
The book is written to give you alternating perspectives. Some chapters share the point of view
from the Lusitania. Others give you the perspective of the German U-Boat patrolling the ocean.
Each chapter title includes a location that will tell you what perspective it will include.
Sections I-III provide the background of the ships, their captains, and their passengers. The
Lusitania is captained by William Thomas Turner, an experienced ship captain. The passenger
ship is filled with civilians who are traveling from America to Britain during World War I. The
passengers, crew, and captain are aware of increasing German submarine attacks but
incorrectly assume that they will be safe because the Lusitania is a passenger ship. The
passengers do not know that the ship also carries ammunition and supplies for the British
military. This controversial cargo gives Germany a reason to attack the otherwise neutral ship.
The Lusitania was attacked by a German U-Boat captained by Walther Schwieger. The first part
of the book tells the story of both captains as their ships approach one another and Schwieger
makes the decision to fire a torpedo at the Lusitania. Section IV begins just as the torpedo is
launched from the submarine.

• You must write two full pages.
• Grammar counts, edit your work carefully.
• Use 1-inch margins, 12-point Times Roman font, double space your paper.